How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Often Save Clients Significant Money in Bond Fees or Bail Costs

If you or a loved one have been charged with a serious crime and are in jail, likely your first objective will be to get out of jail as quickly as possible.  Instead of calling an attorney, often the first call is made to a bail bondsman, who will explain how much cash and/or collateral is required for him or her to get you out of jail.  Here’s why you first call should instead be to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The Role of a Bail Bondsman is to Make Money and Help People Get Out of Jail – at Whatever Cost is Required

Since they are not lawyers, bail bondsman have no ability to act on your behalf in court to reduce or eliminate bail.  As attorneys, we have that opportunity.

We will ask for a bail hearing.  We will want to show the court that our client is an upstanding member of the community, often by showing that they are gainfully employed, that they have family locally, that they support community activities, and that they are not a flight risk.  It’s important to remember that a primary aspect of bail is to ensure that the person charged will show up for trial – if you’ve been charged with a crime, we will want to present you to the court in a favorable light.

If possible we want to get your bail waived or reduced, so that you can avoid paying cash to the court or to a bail bondsman.  So, before calling a bail bondsman and family to raise the cash necessary to get out of jail, it will be in your interest to call us first.

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