How Will a Misdemeanor Charge Affect You?

For many people, a misdemeanor conviction can have serious consequences.  For instance, even a minimal jail sentence of a few days can lead to embarrassment and work consequences.

Facing a misdemeanor charge without legal representation is not wise.  With decades of experience representing those charged with misdemeanors, we are experienced in working vigorously on behalf of our clients in seeking the best outcome possible.

As with all criminal cases, we advocate strongly on behalf of our clients against the efforts of the prosecution to convict.  We challenge their theories of a case and the admissibility of evidence when there is a basis to do so, and we seek to preserve the legal innocence of clients.

While no guarantees can ever be made in any criminal matter, we have often been able to get cases dismissed, get clients charged with minor drug crimes into diversion and treatment, and obtain rulings for probation/first time offender programs instead of jail for clients who may be convicted.  If at all possible, we seek opportunities to have convictions removed from permanent records upon completion of probation or treatment.

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