My Child Got Arrested – What Can I Do?

With decades of experience, our firm can help.  Call us immediately – there is no charge for this call, and we can discuss bail and how we can help.

If your child is in custody, our first objective will be to get bail reduced or eliminated (see this video that explains the bail process, and how we can often get bail reduced or eliminated).

We understand that children – even as young adults – make mistakes.  If your child has been charged with a crime, please understand the following:

  • Our role is to help, not judge.  Our sole interest is obtaining the best outcome for your son or daughter based upon the facts and circumstances of their case.
  • It does not cost any more to retain an attorney at the outset of a matter than it does later.  Thus it will always be in a client’s (and their parent’s) best interest to retain a lawyer as soon as possible.
  • We can be the most effective if we are retained immediately.  Police and prosecutors apply pressure on those arrested to admit guilt or make incriminating statements.  Your child needs an attorney to make sure that this does not happen.
  • Police may lie or mislead those charged about their authority to make a deal.   We make sure that your child does not get tricked into one of these ploys.

Call Us Today to Find Out How We Can Help

We offer a free initial phone consultation so that you, and your son or daughter, can learn about our services.

You should not discuss your son or daughter’s case with them, as such conversations are not privileged.  Similarly, your son or daughter should not discuss any aspects of their case with anyone other than their lawyer.

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