Our Legal Fees for Indiana Criminal Defense Matters – What You Should Know

Haggerty Haggerty and Maschmeyer Criminal Lawyers

We know that if you’ve been charged with a crime and need legal counsel, you will naturally be concerned with the cost of your legal defense.  In general, our fees are determined after we understand the nature of your matter.

In many instances, we are able to offer a flat fee for representation, so that you will know at the outset how much your fees will be.  In these instances, unless otherwise stated, our fees will be for the initial proceedings, and will not include an appeal of any adverse outcome.

In other cases – typically those involving more serious felonies – the amount of time required for your matter may be highly uncertain.  In these instances, rather than a flat fee, our representation may be based on an hourly fee.

Our Retention Letter

Our retention letter sets forth the basis of our engagement for your matter, including the basis of our fees and the costs that may be incurred.  The retention letter will also specify any advance fee (often referred to as a “retainer”), and how this amount will be applied towards our fee and any costs incurred.  The retainer letter for your case will set forth the full nature of the terms and conditions of our engagement.

Attorney Staffing

Indy Criminal Defense Lawyers Haggerty Haggerty and Maschmeyer

It is not our usual practice to staff cases with multiple attorneys.

Typically one partner will handle and do most (if not all) work on a client’s case.  When hourly billing is undertaken, usually this partner will be the only attorney who will be billing time.  In rare situations, there may be more than one attorney who may be billing time.  These matters are set forth in the Retention Letter.

Let Us Know About Any Concerns or Questions You May Have

We want all clients to fully understand our representation.  We would invite you to talk to us at any time about any concerns or questions that you may have about your matter and our representation.

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