Why is it Important to Retain an Attorney Early in Your Case?

In many cases, those charged with a crime postpone retaining an attorney.  Sometimes, it is because they are not sure which attorney to hire, but in many other cases, it is because they believe that waiting will allow them to save money, or that an attorney is really not needed until right before trial.  This is not the case.

The benefits of retaining an early in your case include the following:

  • Possibility of reduced or eliminated bail.  In many cases, an attorney will be able to get bail reduced significantly or eliminated, which can help reduce or minimize the out-of-pocket costs associated with getting out of jail after being charged with a crime.  In some cases, such cost savings will be enough to cover a significant portion of an attorney’s retainer.
  • Time limitations.  In many cases there are critical deadlines pertaining to key aspects of a case.  If these deadlines are missed, a criminal defendant will have to live with the consequences, which sometimes can mean the difference between being found innocent or guilty.
  • Evidence preservation.  Being retained shortly after a criminal charge has been filed provides us with an opportunity to investigate crime scenes before they change, interview witnesses while their memories are still fresh, and retain experts to provide important input regarding critical matters.  If we are not retained until just prior to trial, these opportunities may be lost.
  • It does not cost any more to retain an attorney at the outset of a case than it does to retain an attorney much later.  The “savings” that many people believe exist by postponing the decision to retain an attorney do not in fact exist, as the fee is usually determined based upon the nature of the case.
  • Increased ability to protect your rights, which translates into a higher probability of a better outcome.  After an arrest, the best course of action for a defendant is almost always invoking the right to remain silent, and retaining an experienced criminal lawyer for representation.  Upon our retention, we can immediately begin protecting you against the prosecution’s efforts to make you say or take actions that would be detrimental to your case.

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